Who is OpenSignal?

Who we are

OpenSignal is a mobile analytics company recognized globally as the independent standard for measuring real-world mobile network experience.

We bring transparency to the wireless industry by independently measuring, analyzing and reporting the real-world mobile network experience that users receive in the places where they live, work and travel.

Using billions of measurements collected from tens of millions of smartphones through our own and partner apps, we analyze real-world mobile network experience at the largest scale and frequency in the wireless industry: by operator and by country, regionally and globally.

We believe measuring how the network performs directly through users’ eyes is key to building better wireless networks that drive a connected world. Transparency and independent analysis will bring greater industry focus on network quality and better mobile connectivity experiences for all.

Who we work with

OpenSignal’s analytics products are used across the industry by mobile operators, telecoms regulators, equipment manufacturers and analysts. There’s a critical need for the industry to understand real-world mobile network experience, and our analysis provides insight to help to make informed and impactful decisions, garner data insights for improvements to services, and allows consumers to make better choices.

Why we are game-changing

OpenSignal combines the power of smartphone technology with big data analytics and rigorous scientific analysis to offer unmatched levels of mobile network experience insights to the wireless industry.

Why are we different?

OpenSignal collects more than 3 billion individual measurements every day from over 100 million smartphones globally. We combine the power of smartphone technology with big data analytics and rigorous scientific analysis to offer unmatched levels of mobile network experience insights to the wireless industry.

Find out more about our methodology and what OpenSignal’s metrics mean.

What we measure and report

OpenSignal’s State of Mobile Network reports are the definitive guide to measuring and analysing mobile network experiences worldwide, including video - the most dominant traffic source and driver of consumer engagement on mobile networks worldwide. OpenSignal publishes 50+ reports annually, covering 88 countries across six continents.

Our products

We publish some of our insights in our public reports. Deeper analytics are available to MNOs in our commercial analytics products.

Our Apps

OpenSignal: Speed Test & 3G/4G/Wifi Coverage Maps

OpenSignal is the ultimate signal toolkit that shows you how to get a better network connection instantly (4G, 3G), find nearby free Wifi hotspots worldwide, view signal maps so that you can compare performance of networks in your area and test the speed of your mobile or Wifi connection. Available on Android and IOS.

Meteor: App Performance & Network Speed Test

Meteor provides speed testing based on expected speeds instead of peak speeds. Does your wifi or cellular broadband support the upload speed and connection quality you need for your favorite apps? Perform a signal test or speed test to check download speed, upload speed and ping. Get speed and performance scores for up to six apps at a time. Available on Android and iOS.

Click here to access our app page.

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OpenSignal's company name consists of two words, "Open" and "Signal", written together without a space, with the O from Open and the S from Signal capitalized.

Correct: OpenSignal

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